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Miguel Domínguez (1756 - 1830)


ayor of Querétaro, he was born in Mexico City and studied at the College of San Nicolás in Valladolid (now Morelia) and in the College of San Ildefonso. He held various positions in the offices of the viceregal government of New Spain.


Miguel Domínguez (1756 - 1830)

                     Viceroy Marquina appointed him chief magistrate of Querétaro in 1802. He stopped the abuse of the native population forced to work for the Spaniards, and improved the police force and conditions in the city. In 1805, he opposed a tax on church property, for which Viceroy Iturrigaray suspended him, but he returned to his post by order of the court.


                     In 1808, he invited the Mexico City Council to join that of Querétaro, with the idea of creating a general government council and achieving its political emancipation from Spain, an idea he favored.

                     He held meetings in his house with Allende and other conspirators, creating an untenable situation for himself with the viceregal authorities. He remained at his post until 1813, but when his wife, Josefa Ortiz, was arrested he went to Mexico to defend her.

                     Although he never returned to being the chief magistrate, he received a salary until 1820. Three years later, he served in the group that exercised executive power in Mexico but had no influence in it, due to his advanced age.

                     In 1824 he was named president of the Supreme Court, a position he held until his death in Mexico City. He was the author of Manifiesto del derecho que asiste al Conde de Regla, al Marqués de San Cristóbal en la demanda que les han puesto los Señores Fiscales, México, 1795.







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