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PASCUAL OROZCO (1882-1915)


his leader of the Revolution was born on the Santa Isabel hacienda in Chihuahua. After completing his basic education, he helped his father with his business. Later, he transported silver in caravans from the mines to the furnaces to be melted down or to the border.


PASCUAL OROZCO (1882-1915)


             A follower of Madero, Pascual Orozco joins the anti-reelectionist movement and revolts against Porfirio Díaz’ government. He contributes his own funds to the Chihuahua newspaper El Grito del Pueblo.


             On November 19, 1910, Orozco takes up arms. Ignoring Madero’s orders, he and Francisco Villa take Ciudad Juárez in May 1911. This is a key victory for Madero in his struggle against Díaz, and it is not the only time that Orozco ignores Madero’s orders.


             On June 22, 1911, Orozco makes a triumphant entrance into Chihuahua and is made commander of the state’s rural forces. Orozco resigns this post and rises up against Madero in March 1912, because Orozco believes that Madero is not carrying out the Plan of San Luis. In Rellano, Orozco defeats government forces, but he is defeated by Victoriano Huerta in Bachimba, Chihuahua.


             After Madero’s death, Orozco recognizes Huerta. Later, he goes into exile in El Paso, Texas. He is assassinated by some Texan rangers on the nearby Los Lobos ranch.





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